Aluminiu Tabel Router Introduce Placa w/ 4 Inele Pentru prelucrarea Lemnului Banci Modele Tuns Masina de Gravat unelte pentru prelucrarea Lemnului

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SKU: r417

121.91lei 70.72lei

Numărul De Model Tabel Router Introduce Placa

Etichete: mașină de tuns parul de reparare, cutter router, rt0700, de frezat dewalt placa, etabli tabel router, înclinarea de frezat masa, wifi router wi, router tabl, plante de interior raft, 8mm router collet extensie.

Rbxr2001 2020-12-02

I 've never seen that in my life. How can we put on sale such an object badly done. It is unusable! Everything is through and out of square. Drills are made anywhere. It's unbelievable. I hope I will be refunded.

Nurik 96 Kaz 2021-02-03

very good

Aduken Ali 2020-09-15

Great seller!! I seriously highly recommend this seller!! I will make more orders with this seller!! Honest, fast response, short GREAT!!!!!

Su4ka Qaz 2021-02-08

<2en> the product looks good quality. I-I haven't tried yet. <2en> the product is as described and the same as the visuals. Thank you very much.

Do0ode 14 2020-10-27


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